Dr.phil Azadeh Givtash

The Artist

Dr. phil. Azadeh Givtash

Born March 15th 1979 in Rasht, Iran.

Azadeh, who is a passionate Painter and Philosopher, received her MA from the Faculty of Arts and Architecture from the Central Branch of the University of Teheran. She then worked as a Professor and Advisor at private Institutes, Schools and Universities in Iran. Her desire to expand her knowledge of Art, led her to write articles and to add research as well as translation to her repertoire.

Today, Azadeh lives in Vienna, Austria where she is doing a P.h.D course in Philosophy at the University of Applied Arts.


Summer 2009 – Solo Exhibition at Pouya Gallery, Rasht, Iran

Winter 2009 – Group Exhibition at the Second Festival of Guilan, Rasht, Iran

Spring 2010 – Group Exhibition at Iran Art Gallery, Teheran, Iran

Winter 2012 – Group Exhibition at Shahr-e-Sabz Gallery, Rasht, IranĀ